The Museum is a repository for an amazing array of historical items from Laverda's past. The worlds largest displayed collection of photograhs, explanatory text (in Dutch and English) and artifacts tell the story of Moto Laverda in a clear way decade by decade.
During your visit you will get a very good 'peek inside the kitchen' of the Laverda factory.
Two periods garner extra attention: the famous fifties and seventies, when Moto Laverda was successful in the Endurance racing scene.
Pietro Laverda
Pietro Laverda
It all started in 1873 when Pietro Laverda started making small tools for agricultural use.
Agri Exhibition
An exhibition at Vicenza in the sixties.
Mowers on stock
In the seventies about 1300 employees were dependent of the “Laverda agricole”.
Even nowadays 600 people are working at the Laverda Agricultural company. The name “Laverda” is still being used. However the company is no longer in the hands of the Laverda family.
Francesco Laverda
Dottore Francesco Laverda
Grandson of the founder Pietro Laverda. After his studies at the university of Padova he joined the agricultural company in 1935. In 1947 he asked the family permission to found a motorcycle company. Thanks to God they agreed!!
In 1949 Moto Laverda became a reality.
Early 75cc
Publicity shot of an early 75cc.
75cc Exhibition
Exhibition in Padova in 1952
Pietro Laverda
Francesco Laverda (right) talking with the minister for transport at the Milan Show in 1952.
Piero Laverda in 1952!! Son of Francesco Laverda.
Moto Giro
Long distance racing in the fifties. Very important for Moto Laverda!! This is a start of a Moto Giro race.
Eligio Valerio
Eligio Valerio racing the 100cc during 1956, a season in which he was awarded a gold medal by the "Federazione Motociclistica" at the Cadet National Trophy.
In the fifties and sixties there was a lot of activity with Laverda bikes in Breganze. They did gymkhana, cross, hill climbing, street racing and at that time there was a lot of competition.
(picture by Zappon)
Massimo Laverda
Born in 1938 at Breganze. After his studies at the University of Modena in 1964, he joined the motorcycle company of his father Francesco. In 1965 he got full responsibility for Moto Laverda and it was him we have to thank for the great job he did with developing the 750 and 1000 cc Laverda’s. The bikes we all know very well now!! He was a very kind and social man. Unfortunately he died too early in October 2005.
Piero & Zen
Piero Laverda (R) and Luciano Zen (L).
Piero Laverda was the youngest son of Francesco Laverda. He was a Team manager of the Endurance teams. After his studies, at the university, he joined Moto Laverda in 1973 and became responsible for the production plant as well. Nowadays he travels all around Europe showing the heritage of Moto Laverda on the circuits. Mainly with the famous Laverda V6 and with 1000cc and 500cc endurance bikes.
Beside him is Luciano Zen. A very good friend of Francesco and from the first hour he was the technical man behind making the first prototype in 1947 until the 1000 cc’s of the late seventies. He died in 1982.
Oss 1969
24 Hour race at Oss 1969.
Oss 1969
Massimo Laverda looks on during the 24 Hour of Oss 1969. Massimo himself raced one of the three 750S' entered, sharing the ride with Augusto Brettoni - a name which would become synonomous with Laverda.
Oss 1969
From left to right. Luciano Zen, Massimo Laverda and Augusto Brettoni. Behind Zen you see Nino Caretta.
Nino Caretta
Nino Caretta (2nd from Left)
Chief mechanic for the Endurance Teams throughout the 70's.
Nino & Gallina
The 1000 triple with Nino Caretta and Roberto Gallina in 1975.
Augusto Brettoni
Brettoni is a big name in Italy and abroad. With 13 victories for the Laverda company and a lot of 2nd and 3rd places he was the important man in Endurance racing. His riding was smooth and constant and his bikes were consuming less than other bikes. He was also a good mechanic and was able to tell the mechanics what to do. He still lives in Toscane where he has his own Laverda workshop. He belongs to the few who are still living from the Laverda brand. Now and then he is still showing his skills on the circuits. His leathers and boots that he wore in the 24 hour race at Le Mans are on the display in the museum. (see models page)
Roberto Gallina-Augusto Brettoni- Fernando Cappellotto
(photo Spa 2006)
Roberto Gallina was also a great rider for Moto Laverda. He was a very skilled rider in the Moto GP at that time and in between the times he was endurance racing for Moto Laverda!! Later on he became Team Manager for Suzuki where he made 2 world champions in the 500 cc class (Marco Lucchinelli and Franco Uncini). Both riders had raced for Laverda as well. Gallina can still be seen on the circuits for demo-racing.

Fernando Cappellotto was official test rider for Moto Laverda. He rode more then 30000 kilometres on the Laverda V6 on the road with a special “PROVA” licence plate!! He is a very sympatic man and can often be seen can at historic events.
Sidecars were also raced in hill climbing, city courses and on the circuits of course. About 3 or 4 factory prepared SFC engines were delivered for sidecars. This one was raced by Vanus Vicenzi – Moreno Mancino and can now to be seen in the museum!!
Zeltweg 1972
Austria, Zelltweg 1972
First race of the new 1000 Triple. Brettoni won on debut!!
Brother Dirkx with his Laverda-Wasp sidecar cross combination.
Augusto Brettoni after the first Laverda 1000 win.
V6 dyno
Laverda V6 engine on the test bench.
F500 Cup
500 Formula Cup racing, c.1978.
F500 Cup
500 Formula Cup racing.
At Trento the Laverda family had facilities where they built small Aeroplanes, Campervans and Caravans.
125cc Cup
For the younger ones 125 cc Cup races were held in Italy. About 80 of these bikes were competing. One of these you can see in the Museum!!

Massimo 125cc CupMassimo Laverda conducting presentations to the winners of 125cc Cup Racing.
A Motocross team with Laverda/Husqvarna bikes in the seventies.

In 1985 Massimo Laverda had to leave the company due to health problems. Due to the economic recession at that time Moto Laverdafound itself in financial troubles and came under the control of the Italian state. Piero Laverda had to leave the company in 1987. After some more difficult years, there were investors who put money into Moto Laverda. A new factory was established at Zané, not far from Breganze.
In 2000 the company was taken over by Aprilia, who themselves were soonafter taken over by Piaggio Group. Unfortunately no action has been taken since then and the brand is currently dormant.
Zané 1998
A row of 750S in the Zané factory, 1998.
Zané 1998
Zané production line.
Zané 1997
In 1997 the factory (slightly prematurely) celebrated the 50th Anniversary with a rally.
Shown here are the bikes outside the Zané factory during the Rally.

Nowadays lots of people, from all over the world, are still enjoying there Laverda’s on the roads or circuits or wherever. Friends were made all over the world through this wonderful brand.
Piero, Marnix, Cor
Piero Laverda with Marnix van der Schalk (SFC registry) and myself in Monthlery.
V6 + Gallina
Roberto Gallina on the Laverda V6 at Spa Francochamps in 2006.
All three original 1000cc works triples together on the circuit in Monthlery in 2003.
Breganze Tower
The beautiful tower at Breganze.

However this is a very short story about this wonderful make there is much more to see and to hear in the Laverda Museum. Lots of pictures of the factory throughout the years, from 1949 until 2000. Everything chronological on display. Nearly all production models, ever produced, can be seen. As well as several prototypes and racers.
Please see the Contact Page if you would like to visit.
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