The Laverda Museum at Lisse covers most production models ever produced and some original racers and prototypes too. On this page you can see some of the bikes. Of course they are much more attractive in real life!!
Laverda agricultural machinery
Laverda Wine Press
Some agricultural machinery shows the connection between the Laverda agricultural department and the production of Laverda motorbikes.
1950 75cc
One of the very first 50 bikes produced in 1950, the first full production year
1951 75cc
1951 75cc Sport. I purchased this bike from Massimo Laverda for the Laverda Museum

1952 75cc Corsa
75 cc racer from 1952

1952 "Tarantina"75 cc from 1952, called "Tarantina".

1956 M-T Corsa ReplicaMilano_Taranto replica from 1956.
With this bike Cor did the 1350 kms long trip himself in 1999, but it took him 5 days instead of the approx. 18 hours that were usual back then..

M-T Clothing
A mannequin dressed in original Milano-Taranto attire.

Laverdino 4T's
Brother and sister. 1958 49cc 4stroke Sport and 1959 Turismo. Both very rare!

1950's and 60'sMany models from the fifties and sixties are on display.

1966 125 Sport
This is a just finished 125cc Laverda Sport from 1966. This motorcycle was produced by very small numbers.

Original factory signThis original factory sign, made of ground marble, graced the front of the old factory in Breganze from 1952. In the museum you can read the long story about finding and purchasing it!
ScootersAn unrestored 2 seater scooter and a just finished single seater
2-Special!Two very special models!! One is my wife and the other one is Augusto Brettoni. I keep an close eye after them!! 1968 650Rare 650 Laverda, one of the first big Laverda bikes produced, from May 1968.
1971 750SF
750 SF 1971
750 Police Edition
750 GTL in Police trim, as used by the Alessandria Police.
1000*1*One of the prototypes in the collection is this Laverda 1000 from 1971. Almost certainly this is the same Laverda 1000 as was shown at the motorcycle exhibition at Milan in December 1971. On many points this bike is totally different compared to the 1972 production models. Historic RacersSeveral historical racebikes.
125 2T
250cc 2TR (aka Chott), the International Six days Enduro version.
This picture shows the Laverda 125cc and 250 cc motocross bikes of c.1977 which utilised Husqvarna engines.
1977 LZ125's
Laverda co-operated also with the Zundapp factory, producing in 1977 the Zundapp-engined LZ125 shown here.
1SFC SidecarDeze zeer unieke zijspanracer met fabrieks geprepareerd SFC-blok dateert uit 1972 en verkeert nog in geheel originele staat. Er zijn slechts enkele zijspanracers bekend.
The Masterpiece! “The Laverda V6”. Watch the restoration on the seperate page “V6 Rebuild”.
1982 120 Jota
Rare 1982 120 Jota - the first production Laverda triple with the 'even fire' 120-degree crankshaft.
1981 RGS1000
This RGS1000 from 1981 is equipped with the accessory saddlebags and fairing extensions of the later 'Executive' model.
1983 RGA1000
The RGA1000 of 1984 - an RGS without the integrated fairing which was sold at a lower price.
1985 LB-1 125
1985 LB1 125cc Single-Marque Cup Racer
1987 125GP Bike
Prototype 125GP Racer, built in 1987 and once ridden by Allesandro Gramigni.
Sabbia Navarro
Many 125 cc Laverda 2- strokes are on display. The pictures above shows you the types "Sabbia"and "Navarro".
1991 Toledo
1991 Toledo 125cc, very few produced.
668 Diamante
From the nineties several models are present, like this "668 Diamante".

Restoration of not exhibited models in the museum continues.....