The Dutch Laverda Museum V6

Laverda V6 racer!! Only 2 of these motorcycles were built, one in 1977 and one in 1991.
Initially the bike was displayed at the Milan Show of 1977, causing quite a sensation. That bike, with monoshock rear end and sleek bodywork, evolved into the bike raced at the 24 hour Bol D’or race in 1978 on the Le Castellet circuit in France. That bike remains almost exactly as it was in 1978 to this day and is owned by the Laverda family, with Piero and Giovanni Laverda taking it to numerous club events and classic race meetings under their "Laverda Corse" team banner.
The second V6 was constructed from remaining spare parts in 1991 to promote a planned limited series of 25 V6 bikes. The production was cancelled, because the final price was simply too high.
This second V6 had been in hands of Italian collectors and was acquired in May of 2007 by the Laverda Museum. By this acquisition the collection of the Museum has become truly complete and really unique.

Follow the story as we disassemble the bike completely, find what is required to make it complete, and bring it to the racetrack at last!

Page 1: Purchase, Inspection, Initial Disassembly, October 2007

Page 2: Making a new gearbox, February 2008

Page 3: Work continues on new gearbox + tank, July 2008

Page 4: More and more gearbox parts!, October 2008

Page 5: Finishing the gearbox, a lovely new tank, and thinking of the future.

Page 6: Solving problems...

Page 7: Some more positive news.

Page 8: December 2010

Page 9: June 2011

Page 10: November 2011

Page 11: May 2012

Page 12: January 2013

Page 13: June 2013

Page 14: February 2014

Page 15: March 2015

Page 16: December 2015