The Dutch Laverda Museum V6

Purchase, Inspection, Initial Disassembly

This machine is known to have never run. Rumours over why this was so varied from being completely devoid of all internal engine parts, to just lacking an ignition system.
In October 2007 the bike was dismantled to check the whole engine and frame. The conclusion for now is that the gearbox has a lot of gears missing as well as the clutch and a small part of the Ferrari ignition unit.
At present it seems that the engine itself is essentially complete. The engine will be dismantled later on.
So I start working on the gearbox in wintertime.

To be continued………
October 2007

Just after the purchase, March 2007

The 'second' V6, in all it's glory.

Marnix van der Schalk at work on something with three times as many cylinders as he's used to!

Everything is disassembled and checked carefully.

Cor with the new toy.

As can be seen, many parts missing from the gearbox.

Marnix inspects the V6 engine. It seems to be complete.

Imagine the sound coming from those six Dellortos some day...

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